A little about me.

My very first blog…  I am so happy to be able to do this.  I want to let everyone know, I am vision impaired and have very celtic views. 

Music for me is oldies or Celtic.  Most of the cd’s I have are in the Celtic area.  I also like classical, jazz, country and rock.  I am a mutt and so are my musical tastes.

My ethnic background:  Mothers side is German and Dutch.  Dad’s side is French, German, and Scottish.  I think my Scottish side has more dominance on my heart.  My cooking though… is all over the globe.

I crochet.  It has become my favorite pastime.  My grandmother knit and crocheted but I did not learn until I lost  a lot of vision and the Church I go to asked for people to help make prayer shawls.  I said I would if someone would teach me.  Carol was very helpful and patient with me.  She tried to teach me knitting first, I am very bad at holding tension.  Crochet was easier and I picked it up quickly.

Well, how was my first post?



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