NFB Confrence First Day

Today was the first day of the National Federation of the Blind of Indiana State Confrence in Fort Wayne.   It was interesting to “see” how it was run.  I am a person for lists and times that things need to be done.  I just assumed that because it was for the Blind, that there would be a lot of order to the day.  Not in this instance.  Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the information and hearing the stories of others.  I just like a lot more order to my life and this setting  has me wanting a drink really bad.


Today was also I Love Yarn Day! Yes I love my yarn and brought a project with me to the NFB conference.  Good thing I did.  One of the vendors that was there also had one going.  Great fun when I ran, literally, into her.  Today I was working with Caron Simply Soft on a shrug for my Aunt.  I just love the texture, it is so silky soft.  My Aunt loves blue…I love green all shades of it, color is blue though.    Ah well, I can work with other colors… its just that I Love Irelend and all things green as well.


Feeling a bit Irish today, wanted to stop in to the Pub close to the Conference center called J K O’Donnels.  Ah, well, no money took care of that.    We came home to Irish stew instead.  Grand altogether!


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