Last Day of Indiana NFB State Confrence

This was the last day of the NFB Conference.  It was a state Board meeting.  I really enjoyed it.  The order was excellent.  I do think that having the state conference only in Indianapolis will hurt the state affiliate as a whole.  This was brought up…it is a state wide affiliate  and should  have the conference every other year at a location some ware else in the state not only to gain support in those areas, but to let the presence of the NFB be felt across the state.     I do understand the financial dilemma   and that the cost of having it in other areas of the state is costly.    That only means that there is more fund raising to do. 


I was working on a prayer shawl today as well.  Yes, I can listen, participate, and crochet at the same time.  I was glad to see someone else knitting as well.  Yarn craft is alive and well in the NFB!





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