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How Vision impaired or Blind handle Money in the USA

There is no right or wrong way; it just needs to be done to remain independent.
The following is one of many ways:

1. Find a wallet with at least 3 compartments for bills. I got mine from the League for the Blind & Disabled in Fort Wayne, IN The League is a center for independent living. In addition, there are many different stores online.

2. Create a folding method for your bills. This is mine: For a $20 bill I will fold the left and right upper corners in to form a pyramid. For the $10 bill fold the only left upper corner in to form a pyramid. For the $5 bill, I fold it in half folding both left and right sides together. Lastly, for the $1 bill I leave it full – unfolded. Being on disability, I usually do not have higher than a $20 bill. If by chance I do, I fold my $50 bill in half lengthwise (top and bottom together) and I fold a $100 upper right corner in to form a pyramid.

3. I place my ones and fives together in the first of the three compartments for bills. Then I place the tens in the next one, and the twenties in the last compartment. If by chance I get higher denominations, they will go behind the twenty compartment but folded.

4. For coins, there is a divided coin purse that I got from the League for the Blind and Disabled in Fort Wayne, IN. As with the wallet, it is widely available from many different online sources.

5. Each coin has a different feel to it. A penny has a flat surface around it and is half as thick as a nickel which is the second coin that has a flat surface around it. The dime has a ridged surface around it and is smallest in diameter. The quarter has a ridged surface around it and is the largest in diameter. I put each in ascending order in my coin purse. Pennies are in the first section and so on. The first section for me is the section behind the bottom snap.

This is my way of distinguishing the different currency. Each person is different. This method works for me because the currency is always placed in the same order which lessens mistakes.

A suggestion for receiving money from someone, is to ask the clerk or teller to announce the denomination as they place it in your hand so that you will know how to fold each bill in order to place it in the proper compartment.

This post is part of a group writing project. You can read all about in on this Problogger post.


Crochet Month

Since this is Crochet Month, Disabilities Awareness Month and Craft Month I wanted to do a little digging into the history of crochet.

Shock and suprise, no recorded history before 1800. Here is a link to the Crochet Guild of America’s article on it:

Crochet has been very helpful to me for many reasons. One is it has kept me sane after I became vision impaired in 2001 just before 9/11. There was a call put out in our church for prayer shawls. I did not know how to knit or crochet and said ” teach me and I will” My friend and teacher Carol was very patient with me and started to try to teach me knitting. Unfortunately, my vision and understanding did not allow me to learn knitting. Carol asked” Lisa, would you mind if I taught you crochet instead” So now I crochet. I started with prayer shawls and went to designing tote bags within 3 weeks.

There are a lot of people who said to me you can not do crochet blind. I tell them yes I can. Usually I walk away; I really hate people telling me I can not do something. Some times I pull out my yarn and hooks and say “What is this then?”

I crochet in public whenever I can. A group of us in Fort Wayne will meet at the Firehouse Coffee and Tea shop every other Thursday at 7PM. It is nice to crochet with other crafters. Not all crochet; my husband brings his cross stitch, some knit, some quilt. I also will crochet on the bus, in a car, at church, at meetings I attend, at conventions, anywhere I have time. I multi task as much as possible. Listening, answering or asking questions, writing notes, and crocheting.

I am currently working on more bunny baskets. I have a picture on a previous post. These are fun to do. I use Lion Brand’s Amigurumi Bunny Basket Pattern #: 80092AD It does not say how to put together the ears and handle. You really need pipe cleaners (wire with fuzzy things on it) in the ears to keep them standing upright. In my first photos, I used stuffing to fill them up and tacked it to the handle. Creativity away… I was asked to do a peach bunny basket. It is in the works.

Have fun with your own projects this month.

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