Creative Craft Bazaar

Getting ready for a craft bazaar.  Working my fingers daily with stitches and blessings.  I will be at Crescent Avenue United Methodist Church on Saturday, October 27th from 9AM to 3PM.

I created my very own version of fingerless gloves.  I picked a pattern from a book I got from the Library. It is the Herringbone Half Double Crochet I crocheted  a six inch square in this pattern with an I hook. To finish, I sewed one inch down, skipped one and one half inches, then sewed the rest of the way down and wove in my ends.

Fingerless Gloves by Lisa


Mother’s Day project!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

For my mom I made her some dishcloths; she didn’t want a shawl.


Mom’s Tulip dishcloth 2012

I use the tulips stitch I found on Ravelry. It was a wonderful stitch easy to work;  I got two of them completed in one day.

I used Lilly Sugar & Crème cotton in yellow.  Nice bright spring color.

I really need to work on some more.  I think it would be great for graduation presents for those starting out of the parent’s house for the first time.


I will be at the Fort Wayne, Indiana Disability Expo at the Memorial Coliseum on Saturday May 5th.  You will find me at the NFB Fort Wayne Chapter Booth #49.  I will have something there to crochet as well.

A Easter Basket for Adam

This is my 3rd basket this year.  It is for my nephew Adam.

He is getting it a little late as we were unable to see him over Easter weekend.  Steve & I went to my cousin Kathy’s house for Easter Saturday and on Easter Sunday we went to church and then my Mom & Dad’s.

I used the Easter Bunny Basket pattern from Lion Brand.  It is on their website

I did make a few changes though.  I filled the ears with stuffing, and tacked the ears to the handles so when the bag is held; the ears stand up.  I also made the handle wider, 5 rows total.  The wider handle was a must to hold the candy we stuffed the baskets with.

Being vision impaired; I let my husband Steve put on the eyes and nose.  I think I did very well for my first time at a basket.

I thought I would leave you with the tail.  Have a grand day.


today’s ramblings

I know this is not crochet related but my aunt gave me a copy of Dragonfly.

I love this program so much I may be posting here a lot more often .

March was crochet month. Did any of you design any crochet items? I have been working on some potato chip scarves. I find them very interesting. They make the ruffle very early in the crochet process.I believe I will be starting on some hats for my next project.

Happy Christmas

Hello, wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.

Irish Christmas Blessings

May God grant you lightness in your step,
a smile on every face you meet.
Loved ones gathered at your hearth,
and at your door, good folk to greet…

A holy hymn upon your lips,
a window candle burning bright.
And may the Good Lord bless your heart
and come to dwell there Christmas night.

The light of the Christmas star to you, The warmth of home and hearth to you, The cheer and good will of friends to you, The hope of a childlike heart to you, The joy of a thousand angels to you, The love of the Son and God’s peace to you.

A new day!

Sorry to have been away for a while.  I had a great time at the Governors Planning Council for People with Disabilities convention in November.  I learned a lot.  The main thing I learned about was framing your letters, multi-media, PSA (public service announcements), social media, and commercials for the whole community and not just one special plea.  Thinking about what to get across about the project, event, or organization   in a whole concept instead of using one person and making them a victom  for the cause.  All this does is get donations and most people do not even know what the project or organization   is.  It is not that money is not needed; but I really think that education about a problem will help to make changes.  Then there is organization    recognition;  I do not know any organization    that does not need to be known.

Today I attended a webinar at IPFW today sponsored by Back Home in Indiana Alliance on the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP).  This is about tax breaks for housing projects.  Back Home in Indiana Alliance has been advocating for affordable, accessible, safe, integrated housing for persons with very low income.  This is one way.  Having extra points for having rental units for at or below 30% of AMI(area median income).  The QAP is a 2 year plan that asks for public input every 2 years.  The next one will be in the spring of 2013.

I also went to a NFB Fort Wayne Chapter meeting.  We are a new chapter, but have such vision for where we want to go.    Education, independence, and legislation advocacy are all on tap.  We will be more active within our community so look for us. is our website.  More information is here.

I have also been working on crochet projects.  I had an order for 5 beret hats and 5 scarves with only one month to get them done on top of the Christmas presents I made in-between.  When I figure out how to insert photos here, I will show you some of my projects.  I love to crochet.    It is one thing that can calm me down after a very long day.

Last Day of Indiana NFB State Confrence

This was the last day of the NFB Conference.  It was a state Board meeting.  I really enjoyed it.  The order was excellent.  I do think that having the state conference only in Indianapolis will hurt the state affiliate as a whole.  This was brought up…it is a state wide affiliate  and should  have the conference every other year at a location some ware else in the state not only to gain support in those areas, but to let the presence of the NFB be felt across the state.     I do understand the financial dilemma   and that the cost of having it in other areas of the state is costly.    That only means that there is more fund raising to do. 


I was working on a prayer shawl today as well.  Yes, I can listen, participate, and crochet at the same time.  I was glad to see someone else knitting as well.  Yarn craft is alive and well in the NFB!




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