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Craft Bazaar

Hello from the cold of Fort Wayne.  I spent the day yesterday at a craft bazaar.  No one told me it would be so exhausting.  I did sell enough to cover the cost of the table, just.  Not enough sales to cover the yarn I purchased to do the items though.  It is very frustrating to make so many items thinking they will sell and finding out no, everyone is just browsing and not buying.  Lots of people liked the items, but when asked if they want it in a different color they say no, but it is nice work.  I also had my husband’s cross stitch pictures to sell.  He sold one only.  I may try again, at another bazaar, but knowing how this one went, I may just sell by orders only.  Have to find a way of putting up a catalog of projects or see what Etsy  is like.  Anny suggestions would be welcome.

Some of Steve’s Cross Stitch patterns.


Table at the craft bazaar.


One saving grace was my best friend DeAnn was there with her jewelry to keep me sane.  She did not do well either. I do not know if it is that people are not buying homemade anymore or that no one has money.


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