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Adam’s Christmas Present

I just finished making my first children’s hat for my great nephew Adam. It is the Oshito baby hat.. I got the pattern from Ravelry then this free website:
I give credit where it is due. I did not make the pattern; I used a free pattern I found on the Ravelry community website. Ravelry is a Knit, Crochet, Spinner, Weaver, well I think all crafting community. If you have never been there go to and sign up. It is free. You can list all your projects, jump into a forum discussion with anyone from around the world. Keep track of your yarn stash. Keep track of your books. Learn lots of new things. I am sure there are many more descriptions, but I have run out of them for now.
I used a yarn that changes colors on its own and was different than a normal brown for a bear hat. The yarn choice I made? Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Mountain Print which is 100% acrylic and washable.

My version of the Osito baby hat.  A bear hat for Adam.

My version of the Osito baby hat. A bear hat for Adam.

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